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Varkala Beach (25 Kms)

Varkala Beach (25 Kms)

Situated in South Kerala at North end boarder of Trivandrum District. It is also an important Hindu centre of pilgrimage. The final resting place of the great social reformer, Sree Narayana Guru, is near Varkala, atop a hill called Sivagiri. High cliffs with mineral springs rise majestically from the coastline. This beautiful beach destination is been ranked as one of the 10 top seasonal beaches in the world by Discovery channel. Varkala is a world famous beach destination with safe beaches and Cliff, This place is an important heritage center, with so much of historical values, There is a fresh water spring at the beach from the cliff, and taking bath in that is treated as precious and it is believed that it will wipe away all your sin.


    Janardhana Swamy Temple is a Vishnu temple and one of the Oldest temple in the Kerala where prayers happening presently. This temple is 2000 yrs old and owns strong historical value, Non hindus are not allowed enter into the main area, and this temple is one of the main center for doing homages to the ancestors.

    Anchengo (Anchuthengu) is a fisher men village situated around 15kms to the south of Varkala, This place has its history with British ruling, and we can see that memories with the British Fort and the Light House, This village lies on the costal line of Arabian Sea, with people doing fishing work.

    Varkala tunnel is an amazing construction by the regional rulers of Attingal Palace, for their personal purpose, This tunnel opens to a canal which runs on the side of Sivagiri mutt, you can do some unorganized trips to the canal and discover a strange feeling. This has its importance in the history.